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Revenue in the Household Appliances UAE market will amount to US$0.96bn in 2022.


Traditional, yet up-to-date

The home appliances and apparel industry in the United Arab Emirates has thrived for decades.

The total population of the United Arab Emirates is roughly 9.8 million people in the year 2022, up from 3.4 million in the year 2002. The last 2 decades have seen an increase in the number of homes, all thanks to the vision of the leaders, the economic opportunities, a vibrant mix of cultures and a safe place to live in.

With growth of homes, there has been an increase in demand for household needs. From the dawn of the industrial revolution, homes have been modernised constantly. Seasonal fashion trends and a drive to improve the quality of life is a contributing factors towards the growth of this industry. The expected revenue in the Household Appliances segment is projected to reach US$456.70m in 2022 in the United Arab Emirates.

National Industries Park is well suited to meet the demands of import of Home appliances and Apparels as it is part of the Logistics Corridor of Dubai and with the industrial district.

Traditionally rooted in the history of the country, the apparel industry contributes a majority towards imports and exports.

Woven cloths, knitted garments, ready-made garments, as well as fabrics for home decorating or clothing purposes, or to transform them into household needs such as bed sheets, curtains etc, are all examples of how the apparel industry has been contributing to the region.

The automation and manufacturing process for textiles, fabrics, and apparel requires large spaces, including machinery, storage, sorting, quality control, distribution etc. By leasing land at National Industries Park, companies have the freedom to build custom facilities suited to their process. An investment in setting up a facility for this purpose will reap benefits for decades more.


Home appliance & Apparel distribution is ideally suited for National Industries Park

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