Manufacturing & production

Facilitating large-scale production of goods that converts raw materials, parts, and components into finished merchandise.


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The process of creation of any product requires material and infrastructure combined with people skills.

The manufacturing industry is one that makes things. It can be anything from food to clothes, furniture or industrial equipment - the list goes on. The complete process from designing, procuring raw materials, a process to convert the idea to products, and then packaging and distribution requires infrastructure as a key component.

According to The National, the most prominent things manufactured in the United Arab Emirates include perfumes, bathroom fixtures, book printing, pharmaceuticals, glass, aluminium and dairy products.

National Industries Park is well-suited as a hub for setting up manufacturing processes. With infrastructure-ready land available for long-term lease, it is a perfect investment towards a sustainable business plan.

Made in UAE, a national mark that can identify products manufactured in the nation. Make this a proud reality.

As a matter of fact, 46% of the UAE’s GDP accounts for industries and production. Moreover, UAE is still considered a production hub for its central access to the GCC region and government initiatives. Having access to world-class facilities in terms of import and export hub’s further strengthens this.

The incentives for the development of light industry in the UAE has been part of the vision for the country's economic development. The support and the ecosystem of Dubai’s industrial district, National Industries Park, is the ideal solution for set


Modern manufacturing, industrial grade equipment and innovative processes.

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